eCommerce Fundamentals Analytics Platform

Mindsite enables eCommerce professionals to boost their online sales by tracking and analyzing eCommerce fundamentals such as product availability, price&promo strategy, product content and brand visibility. Unique technologies and advanced analytics at the core of Mindsite help its partners to turn data into actionable insights, while alerting them to fix daily business at the same time. This leads to the perfect harmony between strategy and execution.


Product Availability Analytics to minimize lost revenue

The number of items that are available online is 80% worldwide, which means 20% out-of-stock rate. Do you know yours? 

Receive instant snapshot of out of stock products in daily business, and plan strategical actions using insights generated with Mindsite technology. Minimize out of stock rates with out of stock(OOS) executive summary, instant OOS alert system, and product level OOS details.

Brand Visibility Analytics to drive traffic to your products

Organic search and direct traffic are accounted as 80% of all traffic for a retailer on average.

Utilize and optimize retailer visibility areas such as search, category filter, main page banner and daily deals to increase the organic traffic of your products. Mindsite collects visibility data across retailers and turns this data into actionable brand & retailer insights. 

Product Features

Real time data from all retailers

Advanced analytics with innovative Mindsite technology

User friendly dashboards for eCommerce Fundamentals


Pricing&Promotion Analytics of your brand and competitors

Promotional activities are ‘conversion booster’ making 90% of total eCommerce where lower price is the first reason for shoppers to shop online.

Turn pricing and promotion analytics into long term strategy and operationalize this strategy with real time price and promotion tracking. Mindsite provides its partners with executive price promotion summary, instant pricing alert system and daily pricing analytics chart.

Product Content Analytics to maximize conversion rate

Over 97% of eShoppers who purchase a product look at all images and videos above the fold.

Define winning content strategy, track the compliance across retailers and get sectoral insights. Monitor and analyze your product content compliance such as product title, image, description, and rating & reviews with Mindsite analytics dashboards.


Our vision is to accelerate eCommerce, while leveraging data analytics & insights

with innovative technologies.

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